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John Eldredge Wild At Heart

Discovering The Secret of a Man’s Soul
By John Eldredge
Thomas Nelson Publishers
ISBN: 0-7852-6883-9 (HC)
Non-fiction, Inspirational                  

Reviewed by R. Cody Smith              wild at heart john eldredge quotes

In Wild at Heart, professional counselor John Eldredge digs deep into a problem he describes as epidemic boredom among Christian men, and challenges all to begin to recover what he refers to as a "masculine heart."

If there is one question that seems to be hanging on the lips of Christian women today it’s, “Where are all the real men?” John’s response is simply, “Why you’ve asked them to become women.” The cultural upheavals of the past thirty years have left many men, and women, confused about who they are, and what they want from one another.

John reveals some powerful insights into why so many men today feel unfulfilled, angry, frustrated, even depressed. It seems that today’s church hasn’t known what to do with dangerous men so; they’ve decided we need to be tamed, even emasculated, and in light of so much manhood gone awry in the past, our women have accented.

In the following quote from Wild At Heart, John Eldredge describes the result of what he calls "The Battle for a Man's Heart."

“What do you see in the lives of the men that you work with, live by, go to church alongside? Are they full of passionate freedom? Do they fight well? Are their women deeply grateful for how well their men have loved them? Are their children radiant with affirmation? The idea is almost laughable, if it weren't so tragic. Men have been taken out right and left. Scattered across the neigh­borhood lie the shattered lives of men (and women) who have died at a soul level from the wounds they've taken. You've heard the expression, "he's a shell of a man?" They have lost heart. Many more are alive, but badly wounded. They are trying to crawl forward, but are having an awful time getting their lives together; they seem to keep taking hits. You know others who are already captives, languishing in prisons of despair, addiction, idleness, or boredom. The place looks like a battlefield, the Omaha Beach of the soul.”

Christian men today have been trained to stifle what John calls a man’s three essential needs: to fight a battle, have an adventure, rescue a maiden, and to be just as wild and dangerous and the one whose image we bear. As I followed along I began to explore my own deeply rooted need to be a little wild at heart, and to wonder, what exactly is a real man?

Isn’t a real man one who tells the truth even when it’s not popular, stands up against the crowd, defends the week and helpless, and takes leadership responsibility in his family.

While Machismo is definitely out, real manhood waits desperately to be revived.

Chuck Swindoll says, “…Every man and his wife, and every mother of a boy should read this book.” I couldn’t agree more.


Taken with authors permission from "Wild At Heart; by John Eldredge

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